Paris or Rome?

We love late-night cinema, and good books; strong coffee at cafes where time seems to stand still, and stone boulevards that (though they’ve stood for centuries) you can walk along with a lover for hours and hours and never get bored. It’s hard to leave Paris or Rome, mostly because, once you see them, they never leave you.

Where is “L’été en pente doucee”? At the bottom of the steepest hill in Montmatre—for real (it’s a restaurant). We walked inside one bright day, with a friend, and never forgot the moment we first felt its charms. Two weeks later, we found ourselves in Rome in the early hours of morning, kissing knee-deep in the waters of Fontana di Trevi while everyone else just watched. Did we get our cities backwards? No way. Paris is for romantic love, and Rome is for decadent sex. And sometimes loving the art and architecture and the streets you’re walking is as important as loving the one you’re with. N’est pas?